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Dara Caro

Oud Roses

Oud Roses

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This perfume begins with the freshness of the floral notes of Bulgarian roses and apricot, which welcome you in an elegant way.

As it unfolds, the heart of the fragrance is filled with mystery thanks to notes of oud and subtle spices, creating an enigmatic depth.

At the base, amber intertwines with the intoxicating aroma, providing a feeling of warmth and sensuality.

This perfume is unisex and exclusive, ideal for those looking for a sophisticated fragrance that combines elegance and mystery in a unique olfactory experience. 50ML


  • Top Notes: Bulgarian Rose.
  • Heart Notes: Damascus Rose and Oud.
  • Base Notes: Amber and Madagascar Vanilla.
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Francis, a perfume artist with a heart as vast as the desert around him, found inspiration in the unconditional love he felt for his daughter. For him, his little girl was the center of his universe, and every scent, every color evoked her sweet presence.

One day, as he watched the sunset glow over the dunes, a bold idea crossed Francis' mind. He recalled how his daughter was entranced by the delicate aroma of the roses that adorned his garden, and how he himself was captivated by the deep and mysterious fragrance of oud that permeated the desert air. He then decided to embark on a creative journey to fuse both scents into an olfactory masterpiece that captured the very essence of his love for his daughter.

With burning determination and overflowing passion, Francis joined the skilled Bedouins of the desert, masters in the art of extracting nature's purest aromas.

They spent days and nights distilling and perfecting the essence of roses and oud, combining floral sweetness with earthy depth in a captivating dance of aromas. Every step of the process was infused with Francis' love for his daughter, and every fragrance distilled resonated with the echo of his unwavering love.

Finally, Oud Roses was born, a fragrance that radiated the delicacy of roses and the mysterious depth of oud, weaving together two passions in a symphony of aroma and emotion. Every time someone smells his fragrance, he is immersed in a world where parental love and the beauty of nature are intertwined in a unique and moving sensory experience.

Oud Roses is not simply a perfume, but a vivid expression of a father's love for his daughter, shared with the world in the form of a fragrance that transcends words and lingers in the heart of those who experience it.