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Dara Caro

Oud Coconut

Oud Coconut

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This perfume begins with the freshness of tropical coconut and the depth of oud.

Then, amber joins the tropical aroma of coconut, creating a fascinating combination.

Finally, Madagascar vanilla bursts in with its soft sweetness, forming an addictive aroma.

Altogether, this fragrance is deep, unisex and elegant, evoking mystery and seduction in each application. 50ML


  • Top Notes: Tropical Coconut and Oud.
  • Heart Notes: Patchouli and Vanilla.
  • Base Notes: Saffron and Amber.
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Deep in the vast desert of Dubai, where the golden hues of the sun mix with the warm breeze of the Arabian Sea, a bold idea was brewing. Francis, a passionate Spanish perfumer from Malaga, was immersed in the world of fragrances, constantly looking for new ways to captivate the senses.

One day, while exploring the aromatic markets of the Middle East, Francis became fascinated by the penetrating and enigmatic aroma of oud, a sacred wood prized for its deep, earthy perfume. At the same time, he thought of the paradisiacal landscapes of the tropics, where the sweet aroma of coconut fills the air, transporting him to white sand beaches and the impressive turquoise color of the sea.

Inspired by the idea of uniting two seemingly opposite worlds, Francis decided to embark on a creative journey. Together with Bedouin artisans from the Dubai desert, known for their ability to extract the purest aromas of nature, he began to explore the possibility of combining the exotic aroma of coconut with the rich depth of oud.

Weeks passed, as Francis and the Bedouins worked tirelessly to perfect the mixture. They experimented with different proportions and distillation techniques, fusing the aromas of East and West in a harmonious and balanced way.

Finally, after countless tests and adjustments, Oud Coconut was born, a unique fragrance that transcended geographical and cultural boundaries. The exotic aroma of coconut intertwines with the earthy warmth of oud, creating a fresher aroma and an incomparable sensory experience that transports the smeller on a journey through distant and exotic landscapes.

The Oud Coconut perfume has not only been the result of the union of two cultures and regions, but also of Francis' innovative spirit and passion for art. Its creation not only enchants those who smell it, but also serves as an inspiring reminder that beauty can arise from the fusion of the unexpected and the seemingly opposite.